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Samples of Products Available for Delivery or Pickup

Descriptions and common uses are listed below each picture.

#57 Stone - Quarter/Nickel size, Drainage work and Driveways

Masonry Sand - Clean Builders Sand, Brick Work, Sand Boxes

#5 Stone - Half Dollar size, Common Driveway Gravel

Brown Sand - Horse Arenas, Yardwork

#34 Stone - 2 inch stone, Construction Entrances and Heavy Mud Driveways

Top Soil

#7 Stone - Dime size, 1/2 inch rock, Dog Kennels

Soil Conditioner - Works well in gardens, Soil Amendment

#7 River Rock - Dime size, Smooth brown pebbles, Decorative

Crusher Run - Rock and Dust mixture, Established driveways, Packs well

Rock Dust - Small chips of rock, used under pavers and common on local walking tracks